Katie & Sorcerer | Rancho de Felicidad

Katie has had Sorcerer, a beautiful gray Arabian gelding, since he was 3 years old. At 19 years old now, Sorcerer has developed a strong bond with her. He is such a sweet, gentle boy—not to mention handsome!—and I loved getting to capture their special connection.

Sorcerer was a perfect model during our equine photography session. He would happily look almost any direction we asked, especially if he could gaze at the mares he has been (unsuccessfully) trying to become friends with. One of my favorite photos was when he caught sight of a duck swimming in the creek under the bridge and had to take a closer look.

I absolutely adore these sun-kissed portraits that showcase the strong connection Katie and Sorcerer clearly share. Check of some of my favorites from their horse and rider photography session below!