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Kylee & Handsome | Sweetwater Movieland Ranch

Handsome is definitely an accurate name for this striking black Quarter Horse! Handsome (Streakin to da Moon) is owned by his even lovelier rider, Kylee. When they aren’t barrel racing, these two love taking trips to the beach and going on long trail rides.

However, Handsome wasn’t originally what Kylee was looking for. In fact, she had seen him advertised for months before finally deciding to go see him. Luckily she did because it was love at first sight! After no more than a 15 minute ride, she knew Handsome was the one for her.

During a competition last year, Kylee and Handsome had a bad accident. Kylee’s back was fractured, and the only thing that saved her life was Handsome’s efforts to lift himself off of her. Today, they’re fully recovered and closer than ever. In fact, Kylee requested that we style her horse and rider photography session in the same outfit and tack that they where wearing during the accident to show how far they have come. I was so excited to capture the amazing connection shared between these two and and celebrate their special story.